Thank you for considering the post 16 centre at Tuxford Academy. We offer a wide range of courses and our relationships with students are excellent. In an increasingly competitive world, higher qualifications will give you a broader range of career opportunities.

Our post 16 motto is ‘Grit and Goodwill’. Grit characterises the effort that students must make to meet our high expectations for academic work, enrichment, and community involvement. It recognises that perseverance, passion and courage are the traits that lead to success.

Goodwill underlines the importance of teamwork, reflecting Tuxford Academy’s motto Excellence through Teamwork. Students’ successes will be determined by teamwork – students working with staff who are committed to help them to achieve their full potential, as they build the four pillars of their future success.

  • We work with students to help them secure the best qualifications that they can achieve
  • Students enjoy a range of leadership and enrichment opportunities that help to develop their wider skills
  • A programme of information, advice and guidance informs students about university, apprenticeship and college pathways
  • We provide students with opportunities to develop their X-factor, to give them the edge in the next stage of their careers
  • There is a broad range of options to consider and the decisions that you make will guide your future choices in terms of university, apprenticeships or further education

Support and succeed

You will be supported by your tutor and post 16 staff, as you make your option choices. We will help you choose a programme that is best suited to your talents and aspirations. Help and support will be available to you during our induction day, which takes place after your GCSE exams. There will also be support available once you have received your exam results in August.

Students who join from other schools are made to feel welcome and settle well. We are always happy to offer help and advice to prospective students, please contact us in the post 16 office if you need anything.

Tuxford Academy’s aims and expectations for post 16 education are:

  • to enable students to shine in their achievements, through excellent teaching and learning of an inspiring curriculum
  • to ensure students benefit from outstanding guidance and pastoral support
  • to help students to develop grit through perseverance, passion and flexibility as they work to achieve their goals
  • to enhance students’ goodwill as they contribute to, and benefit from, high levels of community cohesion

Our high quality, engaging and stimulating lessons enable you to develop a deep understanding and enjoyment of your subjects. You will be supported as you make the transition to the demands of post 16. You will receive regular quality feedback on your progress towards achieving and exceeding your targets.

There is a wide choice of enrichment activities that help you to develop skills beyond the curriculum and to prepare you for your future pathways. All students in year 12 undertake work experience to help build employability skills.

Our centre

Post 16 education is not just about qualifications, it also helps to develop an independent individual ready for the future. There is an expectation that students make good use of their study periods to develop their learning and independence.

The environments are supervised to encourage the students to make effective use of their time. There are a variety of study spaces that cater to different needs. The library and resource centre is a dedicated silent study space. The conference room enables students to discuss their ideas and to work on presentations, while the study room and refectory provide students with a space to eat and study. The study spaces allow students access to desktop computers and laptops.

Students are welcome to access a wifi connection if they prefer to use their own devices and a recent grant of £48,000 is being spent on a network solution specifically for post 16 students.

These facilities are available before and after school, with advice available from the post 16 staff.

Post 16 students enjoy the use of a dedicated refectory which serves food and refreshments throughout the day. Students provide feedback to help develop the menu.

The post 16 forum is a self-governing body elected by the students for the students. It contributes to the organisation of numerous social events throughout the year, culminating in the year 13 prom.

The forum also plans and carries out fundraising activities for charity. Additionally, the forum meets regularly with staff. This provides an excellent channel for communication and discussion to take place on post 16 issues and improvements. The forum plays a prominent role in the annual post 16 open evening for students and parents, and forum members act as mentors for our new students.

Tuxford post 16 recognises the importance of developing leadership skills for the future. This begins by setting a good example, and to this end the post 16 business dress code requires students to wear clothes suitable and appropriate for a professional working environment. This encourages confidence and respect from others as students begin to take on leadership roles.

Students are encouraged to apply for a variety of positions, from faculty ambassador to LRC assistant. This also includes opportunities to work with and support other students, further developing their leadership qualities.