We have a compulsory dress code for all sixth form students. The objectives of the dress code are to help:

  • promote self-esteem amongst our students
  • prepare students for the world of work
  • provide our wider community with a positive image of our academy

Members of the sixth form will be expected to set a decent and high standard in their personal appearance, to act as role models and set an example for all other students at the academy with their personal appearance.

The Tuxford Academy sixth form dress code comprises:

  • Smart/formal skirt (length no more than 10cm above the knee)
  • Smart/formal dress with sleeves (length no more than 10cm above the knee)
  • Smart/formal blouse with sleeves
  • Smart/formal jacket or suit
  • Smart/formal shoes or boots
  • Smart/formal trousers
  • Smart/formal collared shirt and tie
  • Smart/formal jumper

Students need to adhere to the following expectations:

  • Natural coloured hair only
  • No facial piercings
  • Maximum one small ear stud per ear, no ear stretchers or hoops

It is the role of the student to maintain the boundaries of acceptable business dress and presentation. Students should consult with a member of the sixth form staff team before wearing an item of clothing about which they are unclear as to its suitability. Students should think about whether an outfit is appropriate for a place of work or an interview. Students who fail to adhere to the dress code, will incur a formal warning, followed by further sanctions if failure to comply continues.

Students who study PE, drama and any other subject that requires alternative dress will be allowed to get changed during the academy day. They are not allowed to come to academy in PE kit, drama clothes etc, for the full academy day. Students will be offered protective overcoats/aprons for relevant subjects.

The judgement of the principal will be final on matters of acceptable dress and presentation.