Exam Board – Edexcel

Qualification – BTEC level 3 certificate and extended certificate

Entry requirements –Some previous dance experience e.g. GCSE dance, dance school lessons, plus grade 4 in English and maths

Course specification

Dancers will gain professional experience in choreographing, performing and appreciating dance. Students explore a range of dance styles and technique as well as exploring practitioners
and professional dance works. The course involves working with specialist staff and dance companies to develop skills in dance and performing arts in general.

“I never thought I would get the chance to become a leader and choreograph for myself and others, or have the confidence to be able to perform full routines to so many different audiences.”

– Student

Students will see professional works in a classroom setting and at the theatre to improve their understanding of contemporary dance. Lessons are tailored around careers in this industry and external practitioners visit the academy to discuss their career paths with students.

Students study three units of work each year. All students study ‘investigating practitioners’ work’ and ‘developing skills and techniques for live performance.’ The other four units studied are altered each year to best match the needs and career paths of our students. There are over 30 units that focus on different areas within the performing arts industry.

Students are assessed through live performances and presentations, written logs, extended research projects, video evidence taken from practical workshops and performances and peer and self-assessment.

Students complete a range of units that focus on different techniques and styles of dance from all around the world. Some include contemporary, physical theatre, jazz, tap, modern and many more. Students work both collaboratively and independently to create innovative and interesting dance works. They study a range of practitioners such as Pina Bausch, Frantic Assembly, Laban, Jasmin Vardimon and many more. Students have four hours’ contact time with two different professionals per week.

What doors does this open up for me?

This course focuses on preparing students for careers in performing dance, dance education and dance in health industries. On completion of this course, some students continue to university to focus on one of these areas.