The key to excellence in education is to focus on much more than what happens in the classroom and we believe that it is crucial to develop the whole child. By giving our students a varied programme of extracurricular activities, clubs, trips and responsibilities to choose from, we can help them to find their passion and grow socially, emotionally and physically into well rounded young adults.

Our enrichment timetable is refreshed every term, and includes a wide and varied choice of clubs and activities such as:

  • gardening,
  • astronomy,
  • books,
  • chess,
  • sports,
  • martial arts,
  • music,
  • craft,
  • dance,
  • Duke of Edinburgh,
  • drama,
  • mindfulness, and
  • bird watching.

All students also have the opportunity to act as leaders of activities, meetings and teams as well as the chance to take on roles such as college presidents, prefects, lunchtime supervisors, form reps, ambassadors and represent the student voice on a number of committees.

As an academy, we are passionate about the arts, with state of the art facilities in drama, music, art and design and technology. Every two years, we stage full scale academy performances, which are widely renowned for being of a professional quality, and welcome an audience of over 1,000 people throughout the course of the week. These performances offer students the chance to showcase their talents in acting, lighting, make up, set design, sound engineering and much more.