Exam Board – Edexcel

Qualification – A Level 9BSO

Entry requirements – 5 GCSEs at grades 9-4, including a grade 5 in English and a grade 4 in maths

Course specification

Studying business at A level at Tuxford Academy allows students to study a course that is both varied and interesting using excellent computer facilities. Studying business allows students to actively experience the business environment whilst developing transferable skills that will aid them in the business world such as team working, communication skills and time management in conjunction with developing analysis and evaluation.

“The topics studied are both interesting and enjoyed by students due to the dynamic nature of the course. I would fully recommend undertaking business at Tuxford due to the excellent teaching and facilities as well as how stimulating, yet fascinating, the course is.”

– Student

There are two themes covered in the first year of the A level business course.

Theme 1 Marketing and People

Students will develop an understanding of:

  • meeting customer needs
  • the market
  • marketing mix and strategy
  • managing people
  • entrepreneurs and leaders

Theme 2 Managing Business activities

Students will develop an understanding of:

  • raising finance
  • financial planning
  • managing finance
  • resource management
  • external influences

The full A level comprises two further units in Y13.

These include:

Theme 4: Business Decisions and strategy

This theme develops the concepts introduced in Theme 2. Students will

develop an understanding of:

 business objectives and strategy

 business growth

 decision-making techniques

 influences on business decisions

 assessing competitiveness

 managing change.

Theme 4: Global Business

This theme develops the concepts introduced in Theme 1. Students will

develop an understanding of:

 globalisation

 global markets and business expansion

 global marketing

 global industries and companies (multinational corporations).


You will be assessed by three two-hour exams, two worth 35%  and one worth 30% of your final grade.

What doors does this open up for me?

This course gives a good foundation for higher education or employment opportunities in the business sector; however the skills of analysis and evaluation developed during the course will be valuable for any future routes.

Learning journey

Our learning journeys can be used to understand each subject in more detail.

A level business studies learning journey