The academy uniform is available to purchase from the following supplier:

Academy School Uniforms


12 High Street, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 7DZ

0115 965 2869

The academy uniform comprises:

  • navy blue blazer with academy logo
  • academy tie (four college colours – Ash: red, Beech: blue, Oak: green, Willow: yellow). An alternative tie design is available for year 11 students only
  • medium grey trousers of a formal cut – not tight fitting
  • Trutex Castle Tartan stitched down pleated skirt.  A suitable length should be bought so that the hem is no more than 5cm (2”) above the top of the knee when standing straight
  • black shoes (leather or similar water resistant material)
  • plain white shirt – formal style; no logos; stiffened collar; no fitted blouses
  • navy blue v-neck sweater with academy logo (optional)
  • black, grey or navy blue socks or tights

Compulsory PE kit:

  • navy blue shorts
  • navy blue football socks (knee length)
  • yellow Tuxford Academy t-shirt
  • a pair of sports trainers for footwear – not pumps, Vans, Converse or high-top styles, etc.

Optional PE kit:

  • white sports socks
  • yellow Joma Combi Short Sleeved T-shirt with academy logo (for GCSE PE and BTEC sport)
  • green Joma Combi Short Sleeved T-shirt with academy logo (for A Level PE)
  • navy blue Joma Champion Sweatshirt with academy logo – all years
  • navy blue Joma Combi Nilo Pant (joggers) with academy logo – all years

The above three Joma items are only available from: https://www.teamsportswear.co.uk/your-club-152/tuxford-academy.html

You can find the uniform policy here.


As well as a suitable bag to carry books and equipment, basic stationery is required for all lessons. The maths faculty would also like students to have the following with them for all maths lessons:

  • Scientific calculator (preferably similar to Casio FX-83GT/FX-83X)
  • 2 x HB pencils
  • 2 x black pens
  • 2 x red pens
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • 30cm ruler
  • Whiteboard pen
  • Protractor/angle measure
  • Pair of compasses
  • Scissors
  • Red and Green pen and/or multicoloured biro pen

We also recommend students bring a glue stick, pencil crayons/felt tips and highlighters.