There are several opportunities for Student Leadership at Tuxford Academy, including:

Sports leaders

Sports Leaders UK provides nationally recognised leadership awards and qualifications that help people develop essential life skills such as organisation, motivation, communication and working with others. All of the awards and qualifications are practical – learners learn by doing rather than through written work – assessment is made upon a learner’s ability to lead and demonstrate their leadership skills for a certain period of time, within a specific setting. Learners don’t need to be sports stars or prima ballerinas – instead an interest in their chosen activity, a positive attitude and a willingness to volunteer are all that is required.

At Tuxford Academy we offer students the opportunity to take qualifications in level 1, level 2, level 3 sports leaders and dance leaders from year 9 onwards. As part of their assessment, students will deliver sessions for pupils in the Tuxford family of schools, taking responsibility for running festivals and competitions.

Some students will take a leading role in coaching their favourite sport and helping to maintain a range of opportunities for younger students to take part in, while others will officiate at events and in lessons, learning to take control. All our leaders understand how important is to support and motivate others.


The Maths Leaders (or Mathletes as they are more commonly known) are a team of 20-30 young leaders, from years 10-12, who lead younger students in using the active playground equipment. This includes a large Soma cube, the towers of Hanoi puzzle and large dominoes, as well as a coordinate board and a tangram challenge.  They offer a fun and hands-on way to get involved in maths outside of the classroom.

The Mathletes (most of whom are Sports Leaders too) undergo a day’s intensive training, learning about leading groups and discussing ideas and ways to develop maths activities for  younger students.  They can be found on the playground on Wednesday lunchtime running activities.

College Presidents and Faculty Ambassadors

College Presidents are the student leaders for each college.  They help to organise inter-college events and contribute to the development of the new pastoral system to ensure the student voice is fully represented.  They also oversee the college improvement forums.

The Faculty Ambassadors organise student voice activities within each faculty.  They ensure that the student voice is represented at subject level.

Students must apply for these positions in writing and are selected by an interview panel.  These are high profile opportunities that will enable you to develop your leadership skills.