Our vision

To inspire. To raise aspirations. To create brighter tomorrows.

Our core values

We empower
We respect
We care

Excellence through teamwork


We have extremely high expectations of our students and staff, and ensure that our academy is an engaging, vibrant and welcoming place to learn and work.

Fantastic outcomes are achieved at Tuxford by focusing on the key elements of any excellent academy – excellent teaching and learning, high standards of behaviour and uniform, a strong focus on achievement, community spirit, and clear leadership and management in every aspect of our work.

Our aim is to serve the needs of all our students by providing a broad and balanced curriculum. Our ambition is to develop and nurture young people to become well-educated, well-rounded individuals with the skills and characteristics to contribute fully to society and pursue their ambitions. Our curriculum is underpinned by subject experts who are passionate about engaging students in their discipline. We strive to offer a curriculum that excites students and provides them with the opportunity to realise their academic potential. We equip students with a growth mindset for learning and celebrate their growing confidence.

The key to excellence in education is to focus on much more than what happens in the classroom, and we believe that it is crucial to develop the whole child. Our students are encouraged to take part in a varied programme of extracurricular activities, clubs, trips and responsibilities. By choosing from the activities on offer, students find and develop their passions and grow socially, emotionally and physically into well-rounded young adults.

Our ethos is based on:

  • raising aspirations, motivating and inspiring people to reach their full potential and to experience success
  • identifying talent in everyone and providing a stimulating environment to develop it
  • encouraging imagination, resourcefulness and responsibility
  • promoting high expectations through combating complacency, encouraging positive attitudes and setting challenging targets
  • meeting the academic, personal and social needs of students in preparation for adult life and the world of work
  • promoting good teamwork, high levels of co-operation and respect for others
  • playing an integral part in the life of the local community