Here are some top ways parents can make a real difference to their child’s education.

Stay involved: Parents can stay involved by monitoring Weduc and ClassCharts, attending academy events and progress evenings, volunteering at the academy, or simply having regular conversations with their child about their school life.  You can use reviews to celebrate your child’s achievement and help your child set goals.

Here is a video on how to read the reviews:

Support attendance: Parents can encourage good attendance to school and aim for their child to achieve at least a 95% attendance rate.

Support homework and study: Parents can help their child with their homework by providing a quiet space for studying, setting aside a regular time for homework, encouraging reading and offering encouragement.

Encourage extracurricular activities: Parents can help their child develop new interests by encouraging them to take part in clubs, day trips and residentials and support them in earning their character badges.

Promote good behaviour: Parents can help promote good behaviour by setting clear expectations, praising positive behaviour, and encouraging their child to take responsibility for their actions. Working with the Academy is key as it is important children see we support each other.

Nurture wellbeing: Parents can support children by ensuring their child gets enough sleep (12- year olds are recommended 9-11 hours sleep) and eats healthily. Please can also use parental controls and limit phone usage to keep children safe when on their phones.

Let us know: Sometimes your child might go through times of difficulty. Speak to us if you believe your child is being bullied or if you notice problems such as anxiety or low mood. We can then investigate and support work with you to their well-being.