Exam Board – Edexcel

Qualification – A Level 9PSO

Entry requirements –5 GCSEs at grades A*-C including a grade 5 in maths, English and/or science

Course specification

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and experience. The A Level course covers a wide range of approaches to human behaviour in psychology, and investigates behaviours such as aggression, learning, memory, attention, language, culture and groups. The course specifically looks at criminal behaviour and mental health alongside well known debates in psychology such as ‘is psychology a science?’ and ‘nature versus nurture’.

“You want to do extended reading after a lesson because you’re so fascinated.”

– Student

Students are encouraged through a range of teaching techniques to develop responsibility for their own learning. In lessons you will encounter discussions, debates, presentations, videos, lectures, research and experiments to create a varied and interesting learning environment. We also offer extracurricular trips to the magistrates’ court in Nottingham, and to London Zoo to investigate phobias.

There will be three two-hour exams:

  • foundations in psychology (biological, social, cognitive and learning)
  • applications of psychology (clinical and criminal psychology)
  • psychological skills (methods, synoptic review, issues and debates)

What doors will this open up for me?

An A Level in psychology is taken as seriously as an A Level in other subjects when applying to universities. It is also considered a science subject by a number of top universities. This is a popular course which students enjoy but it is also a serious subject.

Employers like students with a qualification in psychology because it demonstrates a high level of analytical thinking along with a good knowledge of people skills. Psychology graduates are valued for their strong  communication skills. It is a subject which is useful in just about all fields of work so by choosing to study psychology you do not limit your future options, but can actually broaden them.

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