Our main priority is to ensure that during the closure period, the impact on the education of our students is minimised as much as possible. In preparation for this, all will have access to learning resources for each of their subjects.

To access resources, you need to:

  • Ensure you have up to date and functioning login details to access the school email. If you are unable to access PARS or your email account, please contact helpdesk@tuxford-ac.org.uk
  • PARS Insight can be accessed from our academy website – all work will be set through this although the resources needed may be emailed to your school email address
  • Complete the work that has been uploaded to PARS Insight for all of your subjects
  • If appropriate, save and email the work that has been completed digitally to your subject teacher. Work that does not need to be done digitally can be completed in your books or on paper
  • If you have difficulties, email your subject teacher with questions about your work
  • Maintain the standards that you know would be expected if you were within the academy

All staff addresses are contained within Outlook on Office 365 (the school email system). Staff will only respond to an email sent from your school email address – do not use personal email accounts.