Reading plays a significant role in unlocking our academic and pastoral curriculums. It increases students’ vocabulary, comprehension and grammar whilst also playing a key role in shaping attitudes, developing confidence and improving general knowledge.

Our academic curriculum is ambitious and rich in its offer and as such it draws on the importance of subject specific vocabulary. In lessons and beyond, teachers deliver activities that encourage students to read and interpret information. This provides a platform for all students to develop vocabulary and terminology which can be utilised beyond lessons. We encourage students to ‘read for pleasure’, this process is supported through assemblies, the pastoral system and displays around the academy.

A range of different strategies are in place to further develop reading at Tuxford.

Staff development  

All staff have embraced CPD opportunities around reading. They have been exposed to the ‘rationale’ for reading and the importance it plays in enriching the lives of young people. Subject teams have considered what reading looks like across their curriculum and how it can be developed to ensure all students are exposed to appropriate vocabulary.

The curriculum

An effective way of developing young people’s love for reading is through an ambitious and rich curriculum. This provides opportunities for children to encounter unfamiliar words, develop their vocabulary and comprehension whilst encouraging spoken language through discussions about the text. Studying texts, literature and research articles gives students the opportunity to encounter unfamiliar content and genres.


Our academy’s library is viewed as a learning resource centre. In recent times the library has become mobile and now visits different subject areas around the academy. Our friendly, helpful and passionate librarians ensure students have opportunities to access books and literature by providing well stocked and relevant texts. Across each term our library team runs promotions such as book fairs and competitions to further develop the ‘love of reading’.

Support and intervention

A variety of different reading programmes operate within the academy to support our students’ love of reading and reading fluency. Renaissance Star Reading is an online assessment of our students’ reading growth. It shows the skills which they have mastered and is linked to the National Curriculum. Star Reading outlines the skills each student needs to focus on to meet or exceed expected standards. What’s more, Star Reading is computer-adaptive, meaning that it adapts to each students’ abilities. Renaissance Star Reading is valid and reliable, allowing staff at Tuxford to plan interventions based on data which is collated.

We encourage our families to support their child by reading to them, reading with them and listening to them read. These experiences will further increase students’ exposure to content, genres and vocabulary.

Ultimately reading is an essential skill which will provide a platform for our young people to go on and achieve success in their future pursuits.