Introduction to HELM – helping everyone learn more

HELM (helping everyone learn more) is a small group of students with complex SEND who are taught at Tuxford Academy, however not all students with complex SEND needs follow this curriculum only those identified for the HELM. Entrance into this group is not opt-in, it is the academy that identifies students who would benefit from this provision in partnership with external agencies. The HELM group includes students of different ages who follow a high-quality individualised curriculum to meet their needs.

We support all our students to become self-confident individuals, increasingly independent learners and enriched young people in preparation for adulthood. We work closely with others to secure the very best outcomes for our students. Close relationships with parents/careers are the cornerstone of the HELM, and these relationships allow us to build a full picture of each child and ensure learning is continually reinforced.

Subject leaders advise upon the key knowledge of their curriculums and help shape curriculum materials that allow retrieval and develop student understanding. And through work with wider professionals, we ensure that we continually reflect and refine our practise and utilise the most effective learning approaches for our students.

HELM curriculum

Our curriculum has several key strands that support students on their journey to adulthood. These strands include communication, language and literacy, numeracy, learning for life, myself and others, my body, my world, and my imagination. These strands are taught through national curriculum lessons and enrichment activities. Students gain a range of accreditations and qualifications including AQA entry level in maths and English, AQA unit awards and GCSEs. Student achievement in continually praised and celebrated, and HELM students love learning and school.

The over-riding aim of our HELM group is to ensure an inclusive education in the most real sense. HELM students play an active part in all parts of academy life. The HELM prepares young people to develop the character and skills to take a confident and active place in society. Our students are well prepared to meet the challenges of adult life, including the world of work, continuing education and independent living where appropriate.

HELM – complex SEND curriculum intent