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We are amongst 1% of accredited organisations ranked as the best employers in the world


Organisations can apply for the IIP award, which puts staff at the core of an employer’s commitment to people development and business growth. Having already attained the core IIP accreditation, Tuxford Academy began the process of preparing for re-assessment in the hope of achieving gold.

The academy bypassed the gold award and reached the platinum accreditation, a feat that only 1% of all organisations who apply for the award achieve. IIP awards recognise organisations where there is a clear commitment to engaging, developing and motivating employees.

The IIP report outlined that ‘there is no doubt that Tuxford Academy is a great place to work.’ While visiting the academy, the IIP assessor noted that ‘people felt empowered to make decisions, drive change and embrace innovation. Opportunities to learn, develop, grow and shine were proactively encouraged and managed, working to people’s strengths, talents and interests.’

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