All transport to and from the academy is planned, regulated and operated by Nottinghamshire County Council and the individual bus companies, rather than by the academy.

Students of secondary school age 11-16 are entitled to free transport to their nearest qualifying (catchment) school if that school is three miles or more from home. Free transport to a preferred school is only available if that school is three miles or more from home and closer than the catchment area school.

Apply for an under-16 travel pass

If you have any questions about buses please visit the council’s website or telephone 0300 500 80 80 to speak to them. Alternatively, you can contact the individual bus companies directly.

OperatorContact number
Gem Travel01777 248503
Johnsons01909 720337 / 01623 627653 (36A)
Kettlewells01777 860360
Marshalls (Sutton-on-Trent)01636 821138
Moxons01909 730345
Stagecoach East Midlands0345 241 8000

Buses to and from the academy

Service numberOperatorRoute
Tuxford Academy 5 (TA5)*JohnsonsEdwinstowe Fire Station, Old Ollerton Hop Pole, New Ollerton Briar Road, Kirton Playing Field
36StagecoachOld Ollerton Hop Pole, New Ollerton Briar Road, Kirton Playing Field, Laxton Church, Egmanton Main Street, Stone Road End
X37MarshallsRetford Bus Station, Retford Whitehouses, Eaton Great North Road, Gamston Great North Road, Markham Moor Inn, East Markham Primary School
X37MarshallsNewark Bus Station, South Muskham Garage, North Muskham The Grange, Carlton-on-Trent Crossroads, Sutton-on-Trent High Street, Weston Colley Lane
37 (service bus)MarshallsRetford Bus Station, Retford Whitehouses, Eaton Great North Road, Gamston Great North Road, Rockley, Markham Moor Inn, East Markham Primary School
38MoxonsRetford Bus Station, Retford Rail Station, Ordsall West Hill Road, Elkesley Headland Avenue, Elkesley Robin Hood, Markham Moor, Milton Church, West Markham
40MarshallsCromwell Bus Shelter, Carlton-on-Trent Blacksmiths, Sutton-on-Trent Main Street, Sutton-on-Trent High Street, Sutton-on-Trent Crow Park Avenue, Grassthorpe, Marnham Crossroads, Stone Road End
609StagecoachTravel Wright Depot, Lincoln Road Co-op, Winthorpe The Woodlands, Langford Crossing, Collingham Green, Collingham Methodist Church, Collingham Copper Beeches
609BMarshallsMagdalene View/Co-op, Blatherwick Road, Newbury Road, Besthorpe, Girton Bridge, Spalford Lane End, South Clifton Church, North Clifton Green, Newton-on-Trent Primary, Dunham-on-Trent Memorial, Darlton
730*GemNorth Wheatley and Sturton le Steeple, North Leverton St Martins Road, North Leverton Crossroads, South Leverton Church, Treswell Red Lion, Cottam, Rampton Green, Stokeham Retford Road, East Drayton Green
731MarshallsWoodbeck, Rampton Hospital, Headon, Upton Main Street/Yew Tree Road, Askham, East Markham Primary School
732MoxonsBothamsall Church, Waleby Post Office, Elkesley High Street, Elkesley Headland Avenue, Gamston, West Drayton Lawson Close, Markham Moor Inn, Sibthorpe
733Gem TravelKneesall, Norwell Woodhouse Crossroads, Norwell Woodhouse Telephone Kiosk, Norwell The Plough, Ossington, Moorhouse Telephone Kiosk
735Gem TravelDrinsey Nook Lane, Saxilby Corner, Broadholme Old School, Harby Village Hall, Wigsley , Thorney Bus Shelter, Darlton Bus Shelter
736Gem TravelChurch Laneham Ferry Boat Inn, Laneham Bus Shelter, Dunham-on-Trent Primary School, Dunham-on-Trent Bridges Inn, Ragnall Council Houses, Fledborough Lane End, High Marnham, Low Marnam, Normanton-on-Trent Main Street
739MoxonsElkesley High Street, Elkesley Headland Avenue
936KettlewellsLittle Carlton, Bathley, North Muskham, Carlton-on-Trent, Weston, Egmanton

*The academy (SMH) organises bus number TA5 and also the 730. The TA5 is for students living in Edwinstowe. The 730 for routes as far as North Leverton is organised by Nottinghamshire County Council. For students who are travelling beyond North Leverton to Sturton le Steeple and North Wheatley only, they travel on the 730 and the academy organises this extended route.