At Tuxford Academy we aim for our students to leave us as self-confident young adults, ready to pursue their ambitions and enjoy the next stage of their life journey. Gaining qualifications, whilst important, is only one part of the education students receive at Tuxford Academy. We teach students to invest in their character and value learning in its broadest sense. Our curriculum extends beyond lessons as we support student learning in extra guided learning, clubs, trips and much more. Respect and care are modelled in every interaction, as students live our motto of ‘Excellence through Teamwork’.

Curriculum aims

Our curriculum aims are for all our students to be:

  • self-confident individuals who care for others and demonstrate strength of character
  • independent learners with the breadth and depth of knowledge to be empowered in the pursuit of their future pathways
  • enriched young people who benefit from a range of experiences that improve their lives now and in the future

Self-confident individuals

Embedded within the curriculum is the opportunity for students to experience and develop personally. Students spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness is threaded through our curriculum. Alongside academic learning, teachers develop student character, teaching our ‘CORE’ (conscientiousness, open-mindedness, resilience and engaging with others) character attributes.

Personal development is also the key focus of some lessons.

For example, students have pastoral CORE time for 25-minutes each day. Across key stage 3, students have one discrete lesson of global awareness a week where cross-curricular thinking about the modern world is cultivated and students reflect upon and develop their own values and opinions. Students also have one lessons of philosophy and ethics in years 7, 8 ,9 and 10.

Relationships and sex education and health learning is taught in science, philosophy and ethics (Religious Education) lessons as well as during pastoral CORE time and on flexible curriculum days. For further information please see the RSHE policy.

Independent learners

We benefit from a wealth of subject specialist expertise at Tuxford Academy. Teachers with strong subject knowledge and subject pedagogies work collaboratively to design subject curriculums. Our curriculum exposes students to the best of what has been said, thought and created, building their cultural capital. Learning is carefully sequenced to ensure students understanding is deepened and students know and remember more. Well designed subject curriculums allow students to move from shallow to deep learning and gain a meaningful understanding of subjects. Teachers place emphasis on student actively applying knowledge through skills and gaining a metacognitive awareness of how they are learning. This ensures students become increasingly independent and every year of a student’s academic career is of great value.

A broad and balanced curriculum maximises students’ life choices and opportunities, providing them with a solid foundation on which to later specialise.

At key stage 3 students have meaningful exposure to four creative arts subjects, a modern foreign language, a full range of technology subjects, three humanities subjects and computing. These complement the core subjects of English, maths, science and PE.

At key stage 4 all students pursue religious education in year 10 and GCSEs in English, maths, science and either history or geography. Students are then able to choose three options across a range of qualifications. These qualifications typically include GCSEs in art, business, computer science, dance, drama, German, geography (in addition to history), French, food and nutrition, PE, philosophy, psychology, product design, Spanish, and sociology. BTECs in music and sport studies. Cambridge Nationals in creative iMedia, engineering, enterprise and marketing, and health and social care. And a technical award in digital information technology.

At key stage 5, a wide range of A level subjects and level 3 qualifications are offered. The flexibility for a degree of specialism at key stage 5 allows students to further their interests and lays the platform for their future career pathways.

Our curriculum is fully inclusive for all pupils, and we strive to ensure that all our children’s needs are met. An awareness of each student’s prior learning and individual needs leads to an ambitious curriculum for all.

More information on this can be found in our SEND section and our SEND and single equality policies. Built-in across our curriculum are intelligent assessments that inform precision teaching.

Enriched young people

Our enrichment activities are broad and complement the timetabled curricular provision. Enrichment can be either extra-curricular or super-curricular. Extracurricular activities are things that students do in addition to their academic courses. They include recreational clubs, trips and residentials, as well as student leadership and community action opportunities. Super-curricular activities take students’ academic study to a higher level and encourage students to embrace their curiosity. These include subject focused clubs, trips and residentials, as well as extra guided study, workshops external visitors and subject leadership opportunities.

School rewards such as the character badges and Tuxford community awards, alongside external rewards such as Duke of Edinburgh award recognise student achievements.

Through enrichments activities students become more curious, develop friendships, create memories and broaden their horizons.

Further information

To find out more about our curriculum please view our year page links.

Please be mindful that the curriculum information on our website is updated at planned points in the year, therefore the website may not reflect our most recent curriculum adjustments. We encourage teams to reflect on and improve their curriculums regularly as we see curriculum development as a never-ending process. Teachers also adapt their curriculums to suit the needs of individual needs.

In response to the impact of Covid-19 on students’ learning, both short- and long-term alterations to our curriculums are, and continue to be, made to ensure our provision best supports our students’ changing needs. It is important that teachers are empowered to respond to student needs are guided rather than constrained by written plans. Therefore, please use the curriculum information on the website as an indicative guide.


Further details on our SEND provision can be found here.