Curriculum aims

  • To inspire students to care and have the strength of character to contribute to their communities.
  • To raise aspirations by empowering students with the qualifications, qualities and knowledge needed to pursue their future pathways.
  • To create brighter tomorrows by empowering students to enjoy knowledge and have the metacognitive skills to become independent life-long learners.

A rich curriculum that is broad and balanced

A broad and balanced curriculum maximises students’ life choices and opportunities, providing them with a solid foundation on which to later specialise.

At key stage 3 students have the exposure to four creative arts subjects, a modern foreign language subject, a full range of technology subjects and three humanities subjects. These complement the core subjects of English, maths, science and PE.

At key stage 4, all students have the option of to pursue a balanced traditional English Baccalaureate curriculum, complemented by a wide offering of further GCSE and level 1/2 qualifications. Subtle curriculum pathways are designed for students of differing abilities and interests.

At key stage 4 students pursue GCSEs in English, maths, science and either history or geography. Students are then able to choose three options across a range of qualifications. These qualifications typically include GCSEs in art, business, computer science, dance, drama, German, geography (in addition to history), French, food and nutrition, PE, philosophy, psychology, product design, Spanish, and sociology. BTECs in music and sport studies. Cambridge nationals in creative iMedia, engineering, enterprise and marketing, and health and social care. And a Technical Award in digital information technology.

At key stage 5, a wide range of A level subjects and level 3 qualifications are offered. The flexibility for a degree of specialism at key stage 5 allows students to further their interests and lays the platform for their future career pathways.

An empowering curriculum that meets the needs of all

Our curriculum is fully inclusive for all pupils, and we strive to ensure that all our children’s needs are met. An awareness of each student’s prior learning and individual needs leads to an ambitious curriculum for all. More information on this can be found in our SEND section and our SEND and single equality policies. Built-in across our curriculum are intelligent assessments that inform precision teaching.

Also, embedded within the curriculum is the opportunity for students to experience and develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness. An emphasis on developing student character, alongside academic learning, supports students’ personal development. Our extracurricular enrichment activities and trips are also broad and complement the timetabled curricular provision.

An inspirational curriculum designed by experts

We benefit from a wealth of subject specialist expertise at Tuxford Academy. Teachers with strong subject knowledge and subject pedagogies work collaboratively to design subject curriculums. Our curriculum exposes students to the best of what has been said, thought and created, building their cultural capital. Learning is carefully sequenced to ensure students understanding is deepened and students know and remember more. Well designed subject curriculums allow students to move from shallow to deep learning and gain a meaningful understanding of subjects. Teachers place emphasis on student learning skills through substantive knowledge and prioritise student mastery of core skills and knowledge sets. This ensures students are actively involved in their learning and every year of a student’s academic career is of great value.

Further information

Greater detail about our curriculum is included in the student workbooks, which contain learning journeys and progress ladders. Please be mindful that teachers may adapt the occasional unit to suit the needs of individual classes. Further curriculum information can also be found on each subject webpage and via the relevant exam board websites.