Our intention at Tuxford Academy is to serve the needs of all of our students by providing a broad, balanced and coherent curriculum or programme of study.

Our ambition is to develop and nurture young people to become well educated, well-rounded individuals with the skills and characteristics to contribute fully to society.

We strive to offer a curriculum that will provide students with the opportunity to meet and exceed their academic potential as well as equipping them with a growth mindset for learning. The curriculum is comprehensive and balanced throughout key stage 3 and key stage 4, but also provides the flexibility for a degree of specialism at key stage 4 and key stage 5.

Embedded within the curriculum is the opportunity for students to experience and develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness as well as promoting their reading, writing, communication and maths skills.


All students at Tuxford Academy are offered a broad curriculum with different subtle curriculum pathways offered for students of differing abilities. For example, at KS3 students have the exposure to four creative arts subjects and, where appropriate, a choice of three Modern Foreign Language subjects, a full complement of technology subjects, and three humanities subjects.

At key stage 4, students have an extensive choice of GCSE subjects to select from as well as a range of level 1/2 qualifications. At key stage 5, a wide range A Level subjects and level 3 qualifications are offered.

Our extra-curricular enrichment activities are also broad and complement the timetabled curricular provision.


The curriculum is intentionally designed to provide students with a balanced learning and curriculum experience. A range of creative arts, humanities, foreign languages, technology complement the core subjects of English, maths, science and PE.

At key stage 4, all students have a balanced traditional English Baccalaureate curriculum, complemented by a wide offering of further GCSE and level 1/2 qualifications. Subtle curriculum pathways are designed for students of differing abilities and interests.

Inspires pupils to learn

Tuxford Academy has also developed a set of alternative curriculum days, which dovetail with the day-to-day curriculum to provide unique enrichment opportunities to widen students’ educational experience as well as provide moments of inspiration.

Curriculum days

We normally hold one Curriculum Day in November and one in March. They often involve each vertical tutor group taking part in a faculty-led educational experience, such as:

  • Humanities | Holocaust Day; where camp survivors share their experience with students
  • PE | Try a New Sport Day
  • Business and ICT | Enterprise Day

Fantastic Fridays

Usually held over 6-7 Fridays in the last half term of summer, Fantastic Fridays are where year groups are exposed to a whole-day learning theme, such as:

  • Prison? Me? No Way! Day
  • Careers Education Information and Guidance Day
  • Sherwood Pines Maths Challenge
  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park visit
  • Shakespeare Day

These days also offer opportunities for department and pastoral enrichment trips, to help engender more moments of inspiration and prevent disruption to learning throughout the academic year, such as:

  • History trip to York
  • Trip to Harry Potter Studios
  • Drayton Manor trip
  • Clumber Park visit


Our curriculum is fully inclusive for all pupils, and we strive to ensure that all of our children’s needs are met. More information on this can be found in our SEND section and our SEND and single equality policies.