Exam Board – AQA

Qualification – A Level 7357

Entry requirements – Five GCSEs at grades 9-4, including grade 6 in maths – there is also an entry test to pass in September. You must also maintain expected performance in assessments for A level maths throughout the course.

Course specification

A Level mathematics provides a framework within which a large number of young people continue the subject beyond GCSE. It supports their mathematical needs across a broad range of other subjects at this level and provides a basis for subsequent quantitative work in a very wide range of higher education courses and in employment. It also supports the study of A Level further mathematics.

“It takes GCSE to a whole new level, although it is challenging, it is a rewarding and fascinating subject which is highly valued by universities.”

– Student

A level mathematics builds from GCSE mathematics and introduces calculus and its applications. It emphasises how mathematical ideas are interconnected and how mathematics can be applied to model situations using algebra and other representations, to help make sense of data, to understand the physical world and to solve problems in a variety of contexts, including social sciences and business. It prepares students for further study and employment in a wide  range of disciplines involving the use of mathematics.

This course is heavily dependent on strong knowledge and application of algebraic techniques. It requires students with a passion for the subject and a drive to acquire the skills to apply to various situations.

What doors will this open up for me?

You should study A Level mathematics if you wish to follow:

  • an engineering course at university
  • a maths related degree
  • any medical course
  • any science related course
  • accountancy/economics

Learning journey

Our learning journeys can be used to understand each subject in more detail.

Maths A level