Throughout their time at Tuxford, post 16 students are kept well informed of potential pathways into further education, employment or training opportunities. A weekly information, advice and guidance bulletin is emailed to every student and is also discussed during form time with their tutor.

This bulletin is kept up to date with information on apprenticeship vacancies, employment opportunities and university open days, as well as study and revision tips. Whatever potential pathway you are thinking of taking into your future career, there will be a section of the bulletin which will be relevant to you.

In addition to this, a week is set aside each year for students to source, arrange and complete a work experience placement with whichever employer they feel will be most relevant to their future pathway. This is an excellent opportunity to practise ‘real life’ skills which will become invaluable when writing a CV or application in the future – giving our students the edge over those with just academic qualifications.

To help with applications to employment, apprenticeships and university, Tuxford post 16 has subscribed to the Unifrog online service and will be encouraging its use. This service draws on information from UCAS, the National Apprenticeships Service, the National Careers Service, and many other statistical and governmental organisations, to ensure that students are well informed of the potential of each possible future pathway. This includes data on starting salaries, vacancies, requirements, course completion and satisfaction rates, and many other important factors which go into making a decision on your next steps.

Many opportunities are given for students to complete outreach programmes with universities. These range from specialist residential support with applications for medicine and Oxbridge, to programmes designed for students who are undecided on whether they want to go to university.

In addition, we run a residential visit to Lancaster University each year in order to give students a flavour of what university life will be like. We also invite outside speakers from universities, colleges, apprenticeship providers and employers to give you an overview of what each different career pathway might look like.

At Tuxford, regardless of which pathway you are thinking of taking, there will be plenty of support to aid you with the application process from form tutors, teachers and other students. We are committed to ensuring that you are kept up to date with the opportunities that are out there and, most importantly, what you need to do to take them.

It is important for students to research Higher Educations institutions such as universities and degree apprenticeships so that they can make an informed decision about their future. We are working closely with the University of Sheffield and HEPP (‘the Higher Education Progression Partnership’ of Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam) and they have a range of helpful resources, films, campus tours booklets on student finance/loans and blogs to help your child think about higher education. Please go to for these resources.  You will need to register first (free) and then go to the ‘students/parents tab for resources and advice. Please also visit the HeppHUB pages. This website contains generic information on universities and degree apprenticeships and is applicable to all universities not simply Sheffield.

Our careers lead is Mrs Sue Johnson.

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