Exams 2022

The government intends for exams and assessments for GCSEs, AS and A levels (as well as for vocational and technical qualifications) to go ahead in summer 2022. They believe that, all other things being equal, exams and other formal assessments are the best and fairest means of assessment. However, they recognise that students in the 2022 cohort have had their education disrupted, and that exams and assessments taken in summer 2022 should be adjusted to take this into account.

Exam boards have therefore made adjustments to the assessments themselves in some subjects and provided additional support to mitigate some of the pressure on teaching time and the pressure that students experience when revising for and sitting exams. The exam boards have published details of these changes on their own websites.

In an attempt to communicate the changes to assessments clearly we have created our own summaries linked below. These summaries are not meant to replace the exam board guidance which remain principal.