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Tuxford Academy has a range of policies that govern how we operate to ensure that we work in a safe, secure and progressive establishment. There are a range of specific policies that relate solely to the academy, but we are also bound by policies applied throughout the Diverse Academies Learning Partnership. These policies apply to all academies within Diverse Academies and ensure a consistent approach and collective excellence across all.

To access these policies, please visit www.dalp.org.uk/about-us/policies

For information on our Charging and Remissions policy please find this below:
DALP – Charging and remissions policy

Should you wish to make a complaint at any time, please read our Concerns and Complaints policy which can be downloaded below:

DALP – Concerns and complaints policy

If you have any questions about our policies or would like a paper copy of any of our policies please contact the academy by emailing office@tuxford-ac.org.uk

Appendices to trust policy documents

TA Appendix To Accessibility Policy

TA Appendix To Attendance Policy

TA Appendix To Educational Visits Policy

TA Appendix To Health And Safety Policy

TA Appendix To Provider Access Policy

TA Appendix To Safeguarding Policy

TA Appendix To Sex And Relationships Education

TA Appendix to Single Equality Policy

TA Appendix to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy

TA Appendix to Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy

Local academy policies

TA Admissions and Appeals Policy 2018-19

TA Admissions and Appeals Policy 2019-20

TA Anti Bullying Policy

TA Behaviour Policy

TA Careers Education Information and Guidance Policy

TA Guided Study Policy

TA Home School Agreement Policy

TA Inclusion Guidance

TA Literacy Policy

TA Numeracy Policy

TA 16-19 Bursary Policy

TA Charges for Examinations Resits

TA SEND Report And Information For Parents 2018

TA Uniform Policy 2017-18

TA Uniform Policy 2018-19

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