When reviewing university applications, admissions tutors look for evidence of an applicant’s dedication to their chosen subject and make sure that they are equipped with a range of skills that go beyond academic study. Similarly, employers will look for a range of skills on a CV.

At Tuxford Academy, our X-factor pillar is used to represent what students do to move beyond their academic study. All students are encouraged to develop their X-factor by participating in  enrichment activities.

Enrichment can be either extra-curricular or super-curricular. Extra-curricular activities are things that students do in addition to their academic courses to show employers and universities that they are well-rounded, interesting and enthusiastic individuals and team players.

Super-curricular activities take a student’s academic study to a higher level and prove the student’s commitment to their subject. We provide a range of activities that allow students to develop these two strands.

Students can develop their initiative, enterprise and leadership through a range of activities such as the Young Enterprise scheme, Duke of Edinburgh, the Arts Award and a wealth of opportunities such as mentoring roles and faculty ambassadors. Students also take on positions of responsibility within the sixth form such as the student forum and also run a successful charities committee. Students who complete four enrichment activities in different areas will receive the Tuxford Community Award to recognise their achievements.

X-factor examples

  • Young Enterprise
  • Faculty ambassador
  • Charity committee
  • First aid training
  • National Citizen Service
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Volunteering in a local dementia support group
  • Teaching assistant at a primary school
  • Sports leader