In year 8 students have 30 lessons a week, these are allotted as follows:

Year 8

Below is a general overview of the topics students are taught throughout the year in each subject.

For a more in depth outline of each subject please click on the link for the subject page.

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• Sweet treats observational drawing
• Pop art
• Day of the dead 2D and 3D
• Psychedelic art

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• Band manager
• Game maker
• Hour of code
• Movies
• Micro:bits networking
• Modelling

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• Dance in the media
• Strictly Come Dancing
• Musicals

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Design and technology

• Food science
• Soldering skills
• Lego project
• Textiles skills
• Mixed material project

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• War and conflict
• Blood brothers
• Style and genre

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• Descriptive writing
• Of Mice and Men
• Settings and characterisation in Shakespeare
• Investigating the truth in texts
• Newspapers

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• Be Cool
• Blues and twos
• Survival academy
• Shake, rattle and roll

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Global awareness

• Democracy
• Peer education project
• Relationships
• Study skills
• Environment

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• Enlightenment revolutions
• The British Empire
• The abolition of slavery
• Civil rights in the USA
• Industrial cities
• Women’s rights in the 20th century

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• Percentages
• Fractions
• Algebra
• Coordinates
• Inequalities
• Units, measures and conversions
• Area and perimeter
• Construction and scale
• Bearings
• Ratio
• Proportion
• Statistics
• 3D shapes

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• Film studies- analysis
• History
• Genre
• Film making

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Modern foreign languages

Students will study one of the following

• Free time
• Health
• Future plans

• In the town
• Holidays
• School
• Home and local area

• Home and region
• Holidays
• Food

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• Class band
• Musical theatre
• Games music
• Fusion music
• Jingles
• Small group performance
• Hip hop
• Jazz
• Song writing

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Philosophy and ethics

• P4C
• Spirituality in the media
• How is Islam different?
• Diversity in the community
• I’m not racist, but…
• Differences in people

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Physical education

• Preparing for exercise
• Movement
• Developing technique
• Teamwork
• The benefits of physical activity
• Scoring systems
• Competition
• Officiating
• Tactics and strategies
• Methods of training
• Achieving a personal best
• Valuing physical activity
• Analyse a performance
• Fitness testing
• Leadership
• Making informed choices

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• Gas exchange
• Cell organisation
• Aerobic respiration
• Digestive system
• Variation
• Anaerobic respiration
• Natural selection
• Selective breeding

Biology learning journey

• Elements and compounds
• Simple or giant structures
• Thermal decomposition
• Oxidation
• Acid reactions
• Rock cycle
• Earth resources

Chemistry learning journey

• Speed
• Moments
• Magnetic force
• Current and magnetism
• Electric charge
• Potential difference
• Reflection
• Refraction

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