Curriculum intent

The core aim of the physical education curriculum at Tuxford Academy is to create student engagement in sport and activity that will last a lifetime.

We aim to provide a physical education offer that creates opportunities for all students to become:
• healthy
• active
• happy
• able

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

– John F Kennedy

The curriculum offer provided to students allows them to experience a comprehensive range of sporting opportunities and activities whilst also receiving a broad and balanced knowledge rich subject. We hope that this provision leads students to pursue physical education beyond key stage 3 to key stage 4, academic qualifications and future careers.

In addition, we also aim to instil the value of physical activity to enable the students to understand the benefits of lifelong participation and the impact on physical, social and mental health & well-being.

The broad and balanced curriculum offer ensures that every student has the opportunity to
• develop their knowledge and understanding in physical education by providing opportunities for students to develop control and precision, devise tactics, consider rules and scoring systems and evaluate, analyse and improve techniques
• improve performance in physical education by providing opportunities to acquire, develop, select and apply skills in order to increase competence across a range of activities
• enrich students’ character, providing opportunities to enhance teamwork, leadership, and collaboration. This is embedded through a culture of fairness, respect and sportsmanship.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive extracurricular programme across all key stages, this provides both recreational and competitive experiences. The competitive element of our offer sits alongside the academic qualifications empowering students to gain an awareness of a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds, this provokes curiosity about the context beyond Tuxford Academy.

Beyond our extracurricular programme students have chance to explore their own interests in physical activity and sport through carefully considered enrichment opportunities. The extended learning opportunities offered aim to foster an awareness of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of the sporting world around us.
The holistic offer in physical education aims to inspire and motivate students. This enables them to reflect on their experiences and select an appropriate pathway based on the knowledge gained through their physical education journey at Tuxford Academy.

Additional information

Progress ladder and learning journeys

Our progress ladders show how student thinking and skills typically improve in each subject.

Progress Ladder

Our learning journeys can be used to understand each subject in more detail.

Core PE


BTEC sport

Key Stage 4 options


Exam board: AQA
Qualification: 8582
Contact: Mr Longmore |

How will I be assessed?

Non-examined assessment (worth 40%)

Three sports/activities (two individual and one team, or one individual and two team) and a written analysis of one sport (list of sports available on request).

Written examinations (worth 60%)

  • Paper one – the human body and movement in physical activity and sport
  • Paper two – socio-cultural influences and well being in physical activity and sport

BTEC Sport

Exam board: Pearson
Qualification: 600/4779/3
Contact: Mr Longmore |

Why study sport?

This course provides an engaging and relevant introduction to the world of sport. It incorporates important aspects of the industry, such as fitness testing and training for sport and exercise, the psychology of sport, practical sports performance and sports leadership. It enables you to develop and apply your knowledge, while also developing a range of relevant practical, communication and technical skills.

The qualification is 120 GLH, which is the same size and level as a GCSE and is aimed at everyone who wants to find out more about the sport industry. You will study a range of units as outlined below, underpinning the knowledge and skills required for success in the sports sector. The course will provide a strong foundation for academic or vocational study at Level 3, including apprenticeships.

How will I be assessed?

Unit one is externally assessed through an online examination. This will help students, as they progress either into higher levels of vocational learning or to related academic qualifications, by providing independent assessment evidence of learning.

Units two, three and six are internally assessed. Internal assessment enables learners to develop a wider range of skills and provide evidence towards meeting the unit assessment criteria. Evidence for assessment can be generated through a range of activities, including written work, practical performance and verbal presentations.

BTEC Sport is a Level 1/Level 2 qualification; the grades range from Level 2 P to Level 2 D*. Learners who do not achieve at Level 2 may be graded at Level 1.

Learners whose level of achievement is below a Level 1 will receive an unclassified (U) result.