On 9 February, our year 9 students took part in a #YOLO passenger safety workshop by Performance in Education in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council.

Performance in Education aim to change the way young people behave as passengers in cars and “#YOLO” encourages students to recognise risks and take responsibility for their actions.

Students explored the consequences of a road traffic tragedy and were encouraged to examine their own attitudes and behaviours and how this would impact on the people they care about the most.

Key objectives

  • Understand the effect their attitude and behaviour has on a driver, their safety and the safety of those around them
  • Greater knowledge of the consequences of anti-social driving
  • Understand the importance of wearing a seatbelt at all times within in a car
  •  Develop strategies for managing their own behaviour and understand you are never ‘just a passenger’ – you can act to keep yourself safe
  • Equip students with coping strategies to become a powerful and responsible passenger

95% of students…
said it made them think about the effects of risk-taking behaviour on the roads.

93% of students…
learnt more about the importance of always wearing a seatbelt.

(Statistics from Performance in Education survey)