Congratulations to Joshua from year 7 who is taking the motorcycling world by storm.

In 2021 Joshua represented the UK in the FIM MiniGP World Final in Valencia. Since then Joshua made the leap in 2022 from UK club racing to competing in the Spanish Championship CIV (Campeonato Interautonomico de Velocidad) which involves riding a bigger bike and racing on full circuits instead of kart tracks, which was a major change for Josh.

He now rides a larger CRS85 motorcycle in the Spanish Championship CIV. However due to age restrictions in the UK (children under 13 are not permitted to ride a motorcycle with 17” wheels on any tracks) Joshua was unable to practice much before the first CIV round in June.

Joshua was entered into the Junior Open Talent Cup (also known as the Corse Junior Cup). With a mixture of classes competing on the same grid in this category it made for some exciting racing!

6 Rounds

4-5 June               (2 x Races Curcuito de Jerez)

2-3 July                 (1 x Races Circuito de Navarra)

20-21 August     (2 x Races Circuito de Cartagena)

10-11 Sept          (2 x Races Circuito de Valencia)

1-2 Oct                 (2 x Races Curcuito de Jerez)

26-27 Nov           (2 x Races Circuito de Cartagena)

With no previous experience on the CRS85 motorcycle or at any of the Spanish circuits Joshua did amazingly well at round one coming away with pole position and two race wins.  After race one at the final round in Cartagena Joshua was declared Corse Junior Cup Champion 2022.

Joshua’s 2022 race statistics:

6 rounds

6 pole positions

11 races

10 wins

1 second place

270 points (out of a possible 275)

What an amazing achievement. Well done Josh! We look forward to hearing about your future success too.