On 7 March 2019, Professor Sir George Berwick, Chairman of OLEVI, and Richard Lockyer, CEO of OLEVI, visited the TVTSA team at Tuxford Academy. They led the first teaching school and developed the OLEVI programmes which played an integral role in the success of the London Challenge and similar projects in the North West and West Midlands. These programmes and the ethos behind them are now recognised across the world as being instrumental in raising standards in teaching, coaching and leading.

Richard and Sir George kindly offered to visit us as a ‘thank you’ to the staff here who have embraced the OLEVI ethos. They shared with us their learning from the work done by Teaching Hospitals and their own experience, both here in the UK and overseas, to support TVTSA in creating personalised pathways for leadership development.

They were very complimentary of the students and their attitude to learning, commented that they felt that the students shared the ownership of the academy and that it was clear that teamwork was a real strength in our academy.  They also recognised the effort that has gone into making the building so vibrant and engaging for our students.