What is Prevent?

Prevent is about safeguarding and supporting those vulnerable to radicalisation. Prevent is 1 of the 4 elements of CONTEST, the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy. It aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. You can find out more information here.

Who delivers Prevent?

The Home Office works with local authorities, a wide range of government departments, and community organisations to deliver the Prevent strategy. The police also play a significant role in Prevent, in much the same way as they do when taking a preventative approach to other crimes.

What are the issues?

There are many different types of individuals, organisations and institutions that may be targeted by extremist groups.

They may try to take advantage of these individuals or institutions as a way to share their story with others, particularly with people who may be vulnerable to their messages.

Let’s Talk About It advocates the value of a strong and united community, prioritising the need for consistent awareness of the threat of radicalisation to become a part of our daily lives.

In summary, Prevent:


The main aim of Prevent is to stop people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.


At the heart of Prevent is safeguarding children and adults and providing early intervention to protect and divert people away from being drawn into terrorist activity.


Prevent addresses all forms of terrorism, but continues to ensure resources and effort are allocated on the basis of threats to our national security.

As schools are now closed and interactions have increasingly moved online, an information sheet with advice and links has been created. You can download a copy below:

On Line Radicalisation information and support sheet

f you have any concerns please refer to our safeguarding policies for contact details on who to contact.

Alternatively please contact your local police force by dialling 101 or if you require urgent police assistance dial 999.

TA – Appendix to Safeguarding Policy

TA – Safeguarding and Child Protection – Covid 19 Appendix