The eco club are a student led group and their aim is to make the academy a more eco- friendly environment and to raise awareness of environmental and sustainability issues amongst the students and staff. The group consist of around twelve students who work collaboratively with Mr Dutchak.

The eco club students have recently been on a mission to help reduce waste by collecting used pens which would otherwise end up in landfill. Since November, they have recycled a total of 11.5 kilos of pens. Members of the eco club collected the used pens from the classrooms and they were sent to a local store to be recycled.

They have also been busy collecting used batteries and adding them to designated battery boxes in the academy to be recycled. This also prevents the batteries ending up in a landfill site, where it can take a hundred years to break down and disappear and can cause harmful chemicals to leak into the soil and water.

Next term the eco club are planning a litter pick around the academy to make our community that bit more cleaner. Well done to all the Eco club students!

We are also urging parents and carers to switch off engines whilst waiting for their children to help improve air quality outside the academy.

Thank you for your co operation.