On 26 September it was European Day of Languages, and the MFL department held a number of events.

The craft and crumb competition saw a number of students baking, making and drawing various buildings, monuments and flags from across Europe. The winning entry came from Annabell Watkinson in year 7 with not 1 but 3 different bakes. She made the Leaning Tower of Pisa from meringue, a scone in the shape of the English flag and a cake decorated like the British flag, Well done Annabell!

Each department across school was also given a different language to greet students in for the day. We said Priviet, Hola, Bonjour whilst encouraging student and staff to get involved.

Finally during form time we encouraged everyone to get involved with the online European Day of Languages escape room. There was a winner in each year group for those who cracked the code the fastest.

It was excellent to see the whole school really get involved with the day, and we hope it will be even better next year.