Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Mr Joby Luckett, Teaching Assistant, is overseeing the anti-bullying ambassadors project at Tuxford. A number of students have joined the group, and are a discreet but visible presence around the building, available to students to offer advice or a listening ear.

More recently, the Academy has set up a Digital Leaders group as part of the national Childnet programme, which will enable students enrolled on the scheme to be trained in recognising and helping to deal with the dangers of cyberbullying and misuse of modern technologies.

Read more about the Childnet digital leaders programme

Staff and students take bullying very seriously at Tuxford.  The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors group of students, which spans a number of different years, volunteer their time to help the Academy in its efforts to tackle potential sources of bullying and deal with any occurrences that may arise. The group works closely with staff, produces promotional materials, and contributes to the Academy's assembly programme.

The presentation below was created by the anti bullying ambassadors, and presented via assemblies to the whole Academy. It contains information on the composition of the group, the aims and objectives of the anti bullying ambassador role, and advice for students who may be anxious about bullying.

The poem below was written by Mia Bainbridge, now in Year 9


Bullying is sad
Bullying is bad
It isn’t good
It makes people mad

It is nasty
It is pain
Anything bullies say
Is always in vain

It is mean
It is jealousy
Anything you say
Can have consequences

Bullying is sad
Bullying is bad

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