We are celebrating another year of outstanding GCSE results.

The number of grade 9s – the top grade that can be achieved – gained by students in the academy has increased significantly, from 24 in 2018 to 67 in 2019.

Over 70% of students at the academy achieved five or more GCSEs at a standard pass (grade 4 or equivalent) including English and maths, up from 63% in 2018. 75% achieved a grade 4 in English and maths, up from 68% last year.

Sam Barnett, from East Markham, achieved a fantastic set of results including eight grade 9s in biology, engineering, English language, English literature, geography, maths, physics and religious studies, a grade 8 in chemistry and a grade 7 in Spanish. He said: “I’m very pleased with my results. It’s been hard work but it’s worth it now. I will be staying on at Tuxford Academy Post 16 Centre to study physics, maths and either further maths or chemistry.”

Another high achiever was Jacob Macpherson, from Ragnall, gaining five grade 9s in biology, chemistry, English language, history and physics, two grade 8s in computer science and maths, and three grade 7s in English literature, French and psychology. Jacob plans to study A Levels in politics, history and economics and said: “I’m speechless. I am happy with my grades and thankful for all my teachers’ efforts to push me further and not give in. I am really happy with how it’s turned out.”

Eliza Wright, from Collingham, achieved five grade 9s in design and technology, English language, English literature, history and religious studies, and grade 8s in science, fine art and maths. She said: “I am very surprised as I was not expecting such good results. I am staying on at the academy to study maths, history, art and product design.”

Ella Ness, from Balderton, was delighted with her results, which saw her gain four grade 9s in biology, drama, English language and maths, and grade 8s in chemistry, English literature, geography, physics, psychology, and Spanish. Ella is now looking forward to studying chemistry, maths and further maths at Tuxford Academy and said: “I have worked really hard and the results are better than I expected, I am really pleased and happy”.

Tuxford Academy Principal, David Vernon, said: “Once again, I am delighted with this outstanding set of results. Year after year, our students and staff show an extraordinary level of drive and determination to succeed, and this is reflected in the outcomes we have seen today. A big push for the academy this year was to further increase the number of grade 9s awarded to ensure our students achieve their full academic potential, and we are overwhelmed that this number has increased from 24 grade 9s in 2018, to a staggering 67 in 2019.”

“I am looking forward to seeing the next steps of all of our students, whether they are leaving us today or joining us next year at our Post 16 Centre, and wish every one of them the very best of luck in their futures.”

To apply for a place at Tuxford Academy Post 16 Centre, or to find out more, please email gcupit@tuxford-ac.org.uk or call 01777 870001.