There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to clubs and activities at Tuxford, and a new timetable and selection of clubs is produced each term. Enrichment activities are a great way to supplement your education, improve an existing talent or interest, try something new and make new friends. As you progress towards leaving the academy, they also look fantastic on a university application or CV!

Some of the activities currently on offer include:

  • badminton
  • mindfulness
  • book club
  • chess club
  • gardening club
  • craft club
  • astronomy club
  • martial arts
  • football
  • boogie bounce
  • art club
  • bird watching club
  • steel band
  • dance club
  • multi sports club
  • science club
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • sports leaders

…and much more! Ask you form tutor for a copy of the latest enrichment timetable or download the sample below.

Enrichment Clubs 2021-2022