Information for 2021 GCSE options

Click here to see our subject-specific presentation videos, read our top tips on choosing your options and download and view the 2021 options brochure.

Choosing your options

We are very proud of the ongoing success and achievements of Tuxford Academy’s students. An important factor in this success is ensuring they choose courses best suited to them.

In year 9, you will need to decide which subjects you would like to study in years 10 and 11, either as GCSEs or Level 2 courses. All students must study English literature and language, maths, science and non-assessed PE. You will also study either history or geography, which you will have chosen at the start of year 9. As well as these mandatory subjects, you have the opportunity to study three subjects of your choice.

It is important to think carefully about your choices, as you will be studying them for the next two years and they could affect your options for A Levels or further education choices.

Final student numbers and staffing availability will determine whether the courses offered in this booklet will be available. If you need any more information or clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Mrs Leathem-Pugh – Vice Principal

Next steps

  • Discuss the reasons for your potential option choices with your parents or carers and family members
  • Do some extra research about your potential choices – look at the academy website and relevant careers websites
  • If you still have queries after watching the videos, please book a virtual appointment with up to four subject staff, 4-6pm on Wednesday 27 Feb
  • Fill in the options form and return by 10 February 2021

Top tips

  • Visit our course pages and read about the different subjects on offer and what topics you could be studying
  • Sit down with your parents or carers, or a member of staff, to talk through your options
  • Choose subjects you enjoy and think about the subjects you are good at
  • If you have a particular job or career path in mind, find out what subjects might support you with that career choice
  • Don’t choose subjects just because your friends are doing them or you like the teacher – you may end up stuck studying a subject that you don’t enjoy

What are Level 2 qualifications?

Level 2 qualifications offer an educational experience that focuses learning through an applied approach – acquiring or applying knowledge, skills and understanding through purposeful tasks set in sector or subject contexts, which have many of the characteristics of real work.

Thinking about the future?

The three main routes available to you, after GCSEs, are further education (sixth form or college), apprenticeships or employment with training.

While some students have a clear idea of the path that they would like to follow, others do not. The following websites include information about different careers and some include quizzes to help you identify areas of work you may not have previously thought about. They may prove useful when choosing options or to support discussions about options at home.

What is CEIAG?

CEIAG stands for careers education, information, advice and guidance. Tuxford Academy has a planned programme of CEIAG, which ensures that all students have the opportunity to recognise their own strengths and values and take responsibility for developing employability skills.

Careers information provides access to up to date, impartial information relating to educational and training opportunities, to inform career planning and future employment.

Careers advice and guidance is the provision of unbiased, student-centered counsel to assist students in making appropriate career, training and education decisions and choices, which are informed and well thought through.