All students must study English literature and language, maths, science and non-assessed PE.  You will also study either history or geography, which you will have recently chosen. As well as these mandatory subjects, you have the opportunity to study three subjects of your choice.

It is important to think carefully about your choices, as you will be studying them for the next two years and they could affect your options for A Levels or further education choices.

On this page, you will find our full options course brochure, which gives you all of the information you need about each of our GCSE courses. Additionally, our teachers have put together a series of subject-specific videos for each of the optional courses that we offer. Please take some time to read through the guidance and watch the videos before you make your final choice.

Top tips for choosing your options

  • Read about the different subjects on offer and what topics you could be studying
  • Sit down with your parents or carers to talk through your options
  • Choose subjects you enjoy and think about the subjects you are good at
  • If you have a particular job or career path in mind, find out what subjects might support you with that career choice
  • Don’t choose subjects just because your friends are doing them or you like the teacher – you may end up stuck studying a subject that you don’t enjoy
  • If you still have queries after watching the videos, please book a virtual appointment with up to four subject staff, 4-6pm on Wednesday 26 Feb
  • Fill in the options form and return by 11 February 2022

Subject videos

Art and design


Computer science

Creative iMedia


Digital IT



Enterprise and marketing

Food preparation and nutrition


Health and social care


Music practice

Physical education

Product design




Philosophy and ethics