Travel and tourism

Exam Board – WJEC

Qualification – certificate 603/0825/4 and diploma 603/0826/6

Entry requirements – A GCSE grade 4 in English and a grade 4 in maths

Course specification

The level 3 applied certificate is a two-year course designed to provide a specialist work related qualification. The travel and tourism industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, with the last 10 years seeing a huge increase in the amount of travel undertaken by individuals for both leisure and business purposes. This course seeks to provide learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills to work in this sector.

This is a great opportunity to open doors within this important worldwide industry which is continually looking for well qualified employees. The level 3 applied certificate in travel and tourism consists of 2 units:

“I have really enjoyed finding out about different destinations. The course has inspired me to travel and given me many transferable skills.”

– Student

  • unit 1:the United Kingdom tourism product
  • unit 2: worldwide tourism destinations

The diploma consists of 2 further units:

  • unit 3: the dynamic tourism industry
  • unit 4: event and itinerary planning

For the certificate, there will be one externally assessed examined unit which is the United Kingdom tourism product. The other unit, worldwide tourism destinations, will be internally assessed via academy-set tasks. For the diploma, unit 3 is externally assessed and unit 4 is internally assessed via academy-set tasks.

What doors does this open up for me?

The specification is designed to provide an all-round introduction to the travel and tourism industry for those who wish to develop their careers in one of its many connected occupational areas. These include careers in retail travel, visitor attractions, accommodation, transport and tour operations.

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