Modern Foreign Languages

In This Section

We are a committed team of language specialists who aim to inspire the next generation of language learners.

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

– Frank Smith

Our passion for language teaching and learning combined with state of the art facilities enable us to nurture our students; giving them an invaluable skill in later life.

Key stage 3

In year 7, all students study Spanish for three lessons per week. Those students who have shown an aptitude for languages by the end of the year will be given the opportunity to study French or German, in addition to Spanish, from year 8 onward.

Key stage 4

Modern foreign language GCSEs are widely chosen and have a proven track record of success  here at Tuxford Academy. Two years of language study on your record will catch the eye of
anyone reading your job or university application and will be valued by future employers. The MFL department is committed to your success. Broaden your horizons; it’s a big world out there!

Syllabus content:

  • me, my family and my friends
  • technology in everyday life
  • free-time activities
  • home, town, neighbourhood and region
  • social issues
  • global issues
  • travel and tourism
  • my studies
  • life at school/college
  • post 16 education
  • jobs, career choices and ambitions
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