Below are some frequently asked questions which you may find useful, we will also be taking questions during our live event.

If you do have additional questions ahead of the event, or need any further information about the application process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Miss Hethershaw on Alternatively, if you have any general queries about the academy, please email

Questions from the virtual open event

Will any of you be teaching us?

This depends on the timetable next September.


How many pupils attend the school?

At present there are 1501 students at the academy


If restrictions and such are lifted before the summer break, will we have an opportunity to visit the school and look around?

Hopefully we will be allowed to have visitors in the near future and be able to have a normal transition week next summer.


Love the Transition activity day – great idea for transition.

The students love the activity day. They meet more students, gain confidence, have fun and get very wet!


Thank you for the presentation. My daughter is in year 5 at a Newark primary and is really keen on Tuxford because of a friend’s positive experience. Being this far from your core catchment, does she have much chance of getting in?

Your daughter will be in criteria nine. Numbers fluctuate in our feeder primary’s every year so our advice is always to apply if you would like your child to attend Tuxford Academy.


How do you structure the form classes? My daughter won’t know anyone, will she be with local children who she catches the bus with etc.?

If your daughter doesn’t know anyone we will arrange for her to have a buddy who will be in the same groups.


How is the order in the waiting list structured?

The waiting list is based on the rank order. If you are not offered a place at your first preference school on 1 March 2020 you will automatically go on the waiting list.


How are pupils selected through the admissions process? Is it based on location first?

Please refer to our ‘how to apply’ page. You will find our admissions policy which contains our admissions criteria.


With ever changing Covid guidelines are there any plans to reduce class sizes into next year?

It is too early to say what will happen next year. We will continue to follow guidance as set out by the Department for Education in line with government policy.


What canteen / lunch options are there? Do you have healthy eating options?

The cafeteria serves a wide range of food from hot main meals of the day (many different options each week), to paninis, jacket potatoes, pasta and more.


What are the chances of a successful application if there is an older sibling already at Tuxford and we also now attend a linked primary school? The reason I ask is because we are out of catchment and we did have to appeal albeit it successfully for my eldest?

If the older sibling will still be attending Tuxford when the younger one starts you would be in criteria 6 and should be offered a place.


Some children do get very anxious about starting a new school, especially one with 1500 pupils; what help, advice and support is available?

We hope to offer year 6 pupils our full transition programme in late June/early July. This involves full days spent at the academy participating in a wide variety of timetabled lessons. Students will spend time familiarising themselves at the academy; navigating from lesson to lesson. They will experience break and lunch times and see what recreational areas are available to them. If students are going to travel on the school bus services they will also be able to do this during transition to help them prepare for September. Usually, we hold an activity day at Walesby Forest Activity Centre which is a fun packed day with the focus on teamwork.

We then have a staggered start in September to allow year 7’s a quieter first day. Their tutors will spend time with them on the first day going through all the information they need. Tutors see their tutor group each day during Core College Time (CCT). Tutors are also a first point of contact for parents and carers.


Will there be a video of the school so we can see what it looks like?

We are hoping to get some new footage filmed in the spring and we will update the website as soon as we have new material. We hope there will be an opportunity for more families to visit the academy in time.


Hello, how does school transport work? Great open Eve, Thanks guys

I am pleased you enjoyed the virtual open evening. Nottinghamshire County Council will issue free travel passes to students in years 7 to 11 who live in the catchment area and live at least 3 miles from the academy. There are exceptions – thanks to a successful campaign by East Markham parents, East Markham students get free travel even though they live less than 3 miles from the academy. Students from Rampton village get free travel even though they are out of catchment. We will give you information on applying for a bus pass in the transition pack we send out in April.


What happens if you get lost in the school?

We will help you find your way round the school. You will quickly get used to the building. You can ask other students and staff for help.


What time does school start and finish?

School starts at 8.40am and ends at 3.25pm.


What’s your approach to teaching children who are ahead in certain subjects?

Lessons are planned to support each student’s progress and ensure all students are suitably challenged. To challenge the more able teachers ask students higher order questions, set open ended tasks, differentiate activities and model complex metacognitive processes. We encourage students to take ownership of their learning by using the learning journeys to research ahead and the progress ladders to reflect on their work and set their own targets. Extra guided learning booklets also allow students to explore beyond the curriculum through watching, reading, doing and visiting activities.


Diversity is important in school life. How diverse is the school – pupils and staff?  I couldn’t see much diversity in your prospectus.

We serve a largely rural community, with lower than average percentages of students and staff from ethnic minority groups. Of course, diversity is more than race and we work hard to create an environment where all our people, regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, or gender, are able to be themselves. We encourage students to celebrate diversity and support this through our student groups.  Within our curriculum we also teach history and development of different groups and cultures and celebrate the contributions of people from divergent backgrounds.


Hi could you tell us how you tackle bullying?  I know some schools say that they don’t have any bullying – but that usually means they don’t have reported bullying, but I’m sure it goes on.  Positive re-enforcement, role modelling, a variety of means of reporting, pupil behaviours changes, etc.

Our staff play a critical role in the management of behaviour, creating a climate of support and empathy. We have three key behaviour values within the academy, safe, ready and respectful (SRR) Our achievement and behaviour system have been developed around these. We like to award students for being good as they are positive role models, hence they will be rewarded through our ‘white slip’ system.

Through our pastoral curriculum and global awareness lessons we discuss topics such as the importance of positive healthy relationships. If students do have a concern there is a clear process of reporting. We promote a restorative practice approach within the academy. This allows students to reflect and take responsibility for their behaviour.


Can we have a small description about the physical learning environment and learning atmosphere, something missing from not having an actual visit?

Students enjoy the use of purpose built science labs, two sports halls, a gym, an Astro-Turf pitch, outdoor tennis and hockey courts, a large field, a trim-trail, drama studios, computer rooms, design and technology workshops, a cookery room, and  a learning resource centre. If you were able to walk around the academy you would see students enjoying being actively involved in lessons and teachers praising students for their efforts.


What sort of equipment across the academic subjects is available to the students?

All classrooms have a projector and Apple TV. Each faculty has a set of iPads and a visualiser. The learning resource centre also holds a large selection of books for students to borrow.


Would a virtual tour/more day-to-day photographs of learning environments be a possibility before the deadline rather than actual visits?

We are a modern school with well-equipped classrooms for all our subject areas. We have specialised classrooms in science, technology, drama, dance, music, art and IT that have all the equipment required for practical lessons. We also have extensive PE facilities for our students use including a large multi-function sports hall, astro, tennis courts, athletics grounds, fitness suite and gymnasium. Student enjoy a large outdoor space for recreation. There are photographs on the website along with some video footage of the school in action on the virtual open evening page of our website. You can find these here.

General FAQs

Do I have to make four preferences of secondary school on my application? 

You are encouraged to make four preferences, but it is not essential.  


What happens if I do not get my first choice? 

You will automatically go on the waiting list for your first preference. We will be able to tell you your position on the list after 15 March 2021. 

The majority of students are offered their 1st or 2nd preference. 


If my child is offered their 2nd preference should I accept the place? 

Yes, accept the place. You can refuse later if you are offered a place at your 1st preference from the waiting list or at appeal. 


Will my child get free transport to school? 

Nottinghamshire County Council will issue free passes to students in years 7 to 11 who live in the catchment area and live at least 3 miles from the academy. There are exceptions: 

  • Thanks to a successful campaign by East Markham parents, East Markham students get free travel even though they live less than three miles from the academy. 
  • Students from Rampton get free travel. 


If my child is offered a place at Tuxford Academy when will I get any more information? 

Firstly, please accept the place, we will then send you further information and a welcome pack in April. 


Which modern languages do you offer? 

Students study one language from year 7 to year 9. The languages taught are French, German and Spanish. If you have a special request for a particular language we will try and meet that request. All three languages are offered at GCSE. 


Will my child be in a class with a friend? 

We ask advice from our primary schools on grouping students. Typically, we put up to four students from a primary school in a teaching group. 


How do I contact the academy if I have a query? 

Your child’s tutor is the first person to contact and an email is the best way to make contact. He or she will answer your query or pass it to someone who can help. For example if it is regarding a certain subject, the teacher for that subject would be able to answer. 


Do you offer any clubs or activities? 

We normally have a range of clubs, but in the present situation these are on hold – hopefully they will return soon! A range of sport and creative arts are offered as well as homework support and the after-school hub. 


Where do I buy school uniform? 

Our uniform supplier is Academy School Uniforms. They offer an online ordering system and home delivery. In normal times we have pop up shops in the summer term and during the summer break. 


My older daughter is in Willow College. Will my son be in the same college? 

Yes, we put siblings in the same college.