The idea of revision and exams can be daunting, so motivation may decrease as a result. There are steps you can take to support your child and help boost their confidence and motivation.

Be positive

Expressing an interest and giving positive encouragement is important if you want to help boost your child’s motivation, as is understanding how they may be feeling or what they should be doing. Ask questions about what they understand that they need to be doing, what their plans are and what steps they will be taking to break the revision down into manageable chunks.

If they are feeling a little low on self-esteem, remind them of other obstacles they have overcome and successes they have had, and ask them to think logically about how they can get through the challenge at hand. Lots of praise and encouragement is important.

Set attainable goals

Your child will have been set a target grade for each subject, which they should aim to match or exceed. Talk to your child about what they have been set as target grades and what they feel is the best route to take to achieve their goals. Having a set target to work to can often boost motivation and make the process of revision altogether less daunting.

Think about the future

Remember, exams don’t last forever! They are a means to an end, so having a frank and open discussion with your child about their goals and ambitions for the future can be a great motivator. What career or field would they ultimately like to work in? What qualifications will they need for the next steps? Do they have their heart set on a particular university?

Talk about what other steps they can take to achieve their ambitions, such as undertaking some work experience, talking to their teachers, attending careers fairs or meeting with the academy’s careers advisor. Whether long term or short term goals, it always helps to research their possibilities as much as possible and have a clear path to follow.

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