DALP show time! 

For the fourth year running, the DALP Creative Arts Festival was held at the beautiful Majestic Theatre in Retford on Tuesday 15th December. 

This year’s theme was a circus and entitled ‘The Big Top’.  Students from across all six DALP academies have been rehearsing hard all term to perform on stage to an audience of parents, teachers, VIPs and other students.  ‘It was really good fun. I’m so glad I did it!’ Tuxford Academy student. The ‘Big Top’ performance showcased a variety of creative genre’s  including dance, singing, circus skills and samba drumming.  Parents who watched the performance praised the students for their courage for getting up on stage and putting on such a good show.  ‘My son would never have been the one to get involved. It’s been a good self-esteem boost for him.’ Parent of DALP student.   

The students who performed are being rewarded with a trip to Nottingham Theatre Royal in January to watch Aladdin in panto! DALP Chief Executive officer, Chris Pickering said of the performance, ‘It was a fantastic show and I know that many of our students will have happy memories of the experience.’ 

From:  Revd Greg Price   

I attended the Annual DALP Creative Arts Concert at the Majestic Theatre, Retford on 15th December, 2015 as a governor representative at the matinee performance.  The Show was themed ‘The Big Top’ and over 200 young people from across the 6 Academies in the DALP network performed ‘all the fun of the fair’ in a variety of music, dance and acrobatic combinations and acts!   

Young people from the 5 Senior Academies and Tuxford Primary Academy thrilled the audience made up of invited guests, performers, staff and parents, and delivered the show with great gusto and excitement.  

The thing that made a lasting impression on me and several of the parents I spoke to, was that the young people fully supported each other from whichever academy they came, they cheered, stomped and clapped with vigour All the academy performances and it had a truly family feel to the day.  For me, it shows the importance of working together in events such as this and that ‘DALP students have Talent!’  It was very enjoyable and I look forward to next year!


Magical Performances at DALP Creative Arts Festival  

The DALP Creative Arts Festival is the culmination of the six DALP Academies coming together to perform a creative performance. 

The impetus for the show is to create opportunity for the students who do not normally engage in extra curricular activities and enable them to have new experiences, increase their self-esteem and receive a confidence boost through this fantastic experience.

The first DALP Creative Arts Festival took place in December 2012 and over 150 children met at the Majestic Theatre, Retford for a Magical Creative Arts Festival, making a wonderful introduction to the Christmas festivities.   The festival has continued each year since and this year it takes places on Tuesday 15th December. 

The DALP Creative Arts festival is just one of a programme of annual activities and events that are being co-ordinated by the DALP team to with the aim of maximising opportunities for the schools to interact.

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