For top tips on how to revise, take a look at BBC Bitesize:

BBC Bitesize revision tips

Planning your revision

Effective revision starts with effective planning. Not only does having a plan make you feel organised and get rid of some of the pre-exam nerves, it ensures you're using your time wisely. The video below explains some excellent ways of planning your revision, although you will need to create your own plan that works for you.

Mind maps

Mind maps can help you focus on the links and relationships between ideas so you don't just have disconnected facts.They can be personalised with pictures and symbols to make things more memorable.They are also useful tools for condensing lots of information – e.g. a whole topic into one mind map poster. See the BBC Bitesize video below for some great tips on creating an effective mind map.

Using sound

A great way to enhance your learning is by using sound. Try recording yourself reading your notes, and listen back to it.  You can also try creating songs or words from your notes, which can help you to retain information. Take a look at the BBC Bitesize video below for some more great tips on sound-based revision.

Using words

Using keywords, mnemonics and acronyms can help to break down complex topics into easy-to-remember snippets. In the BBC Bitesize video below, Jean explains more:

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