Do you know where your school dinners come from? We don’t just mean the school kitchen; we mean right where it starts.

In Nottinghamshire we are actively trying to reduce our carbon footprint and are proud to be going local with our school dinners, and here’s how….

  • Venison is from Thoresby Park, Sherwood Forest
  • Beef – grazed on the banks of the River Trent by Holme Farm in Rampton
  • Lamb from the Peak District Turkey – farm assured, cage free from Lincs Turkey Ltd in Grainthorpe, Louth.
  • Local and rare breed pork from Hockerwood Farm in Upton
  • The eggs used in our dishes are free range from Fieldson Farm Eggs in Lincolnshire
  • We use fresh, local milk from Newfield Dairy in Hockerton
  • Fresh seasonal vegetables, grown locally where possible, from Country Fresh Foods in Sheffield.

You may also like to know that:

  • Our fish carries the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) accreditation – ensuring it is sourced from sustainable stocks
  • We use organic bouillon from Major International in all our pasta, pie and casserole dishes
  • We use organic soya milk to cater for medical or dietary requirements.

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