Enterprise Day

Enterprise Day

Year 9 Students Participate in a Young Enterprise Industry Master Class

















Students were introduced to eight employability competencies 



Financial Literacy


Problem Solving



Team Work


Task for the Day

To produce a bid for a Sports Training Camp that will leave a legacy for a sports and housing development. The bid must include:

·       Sports Facilities

·       2/3/4 bed hoses and apartments

·       25% 2/3 bed affordable housing (low-cost market housing and subsidised housing)

·       Roads and parking

·       Landscaped areas 

Another area that was investigated throughout the day was that of gender. Students were challenged to consider Construction Industry stereotypes, particularly the role of women in the industry.

Each class was split up into sub-groups of 8. Each sub-group then competed against the other groups to win the bid to develop on the land. Every individual team member was allocated a specific role and deadlines were set throughout the day. 

·       Project Manager

·       Town Planner

·       Architect

·       Estimator/Planner

·       Building Construction Manager

·       Marketing Manager

·       Environmental Architect

·       Quantity Surveyor

Specific Tasks

·       Create a Company name and logo and name the new development

·       Design a draft site plan

·       Have a clear Mission and Vision

·       Consider Costs and Profit, including infrastructure, sales and marketing

·       Have a clear Management structure for the team

·       Include Sports Complex Designs

·       Consider and include information on the environment/sustainability

·       Produce a 3d site plan 

Tight time frames were in place for each task to be completed. Teams were allocated a budget and had to demonstrate how they managed their finances. Groups were then judged against the task. The overall class winner then went forward to the grand final where each was judged.

Rev Greg Price, who is the Link Governor for Careers and Enterprise and who has considerable experience in this field, had the unenviable task of judging the winner. He had already narrowed it down to the top three and each of these presented their overall plan and detailed how much potential profit had been generated. In each case this was several million pounds.