Tuxford Academy has had a long tradition of outstanding pastoral care and it is, undoubtedly, one of the strengths of Tuxford Academy.  This was confirmed at the Ofsted Inspection in 2009, and the one before that (in 2005). However, due to the increasing popularity of Tuxford Academy, the student population has been growing steadily.  The student population, including the Post 16 Centre, is approximately 1500. 

We want to provide a closer level of support for each child, and to help them to face the challenges ahead.  Following a review of its pastoral structure the school introduced a model to better meet the needs of the present and future generations of Tuxford students. 

  • People and learning relationships should be placed at the heart of education at Tuxford.
  • Every child should receive a high level of individual care and attention that will help them reach their true potential.  
  • Every child should have a strong sense of belonging and identity.  
  • Every child should not feel 'lost' in such a big school.  

The majority of Tuxford students come to us from small village schools; we want to continue that 'small school' feel that contributes so much to our ethos.     

  • Students are organised into four Colleges that serve as their pastoral bases. 
  • There is a member of staff who is the Head of College 
  • Each College consists of 280 - 300 students from the 11-16 age group.  
  • Each College is organised into 15 tutor groups. 
  • Each tutor group consists of approximately 20 students and one tutor from the staff body.   
  • Many tutor groups also have an Co-Tutor.  
  • Post 16 students are also assigned to Colleges, and regularly work with 11-16 students within timetabled tutor time.    
  • Tutor time is twenty minutes a day, in the morning.  At this time, everyone takes part.

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Tuxford Academy students are organised into four Colleges: 

  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Oak
  • Willow  


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