Billy Elliot The Musical

Billy Elliot The Musical

Year 8 Jamie Kirkland takes the lead role in Billy Elliot

Tuxford Academy are showcasing the West End Musical Billy Elliot this summer. The musical is about a boy who aspires, against his families wishes, to become a professional ballet dancer, an unusual choice of career for someone from a mining community in the north-east of England.

Training sessions started before Christmas and all students interested in performing in Billy Elliot were encouraged to take part.   

Auditions were held in February and took place in Tuxford’s new state of the art drama studios.  Originally nine students applied for the leading role of Billy, but three dropped out.  Nerves were high when the auditions started, as students had to perform Billy’s main song ‘Electricity’, which included a dance routine half way through.  Year 8 student Jamie was thrilled when a week later, he found out he had got the part!

Jamie really enjoys music and drama and performed in the chorus of Romeo and Juliet, which was Tuxford Academy’s musical production last year.  When asked about his ballet experience, Jamie said he had one ballet lesson when he was five and absolutely hated it, but he is really enjoying it now.

Jamie started to play the piano three years ago and is currently working towards his Grade 3 exam.  In 2014 Jamie won the Rotary Club’s Young Musician of the Year for playing the piano.  Jamie has a 45 minute music lesson once a week, which consists of 30 minutes of piano and 15 minutes singing.

Rehearsals are taking place most evenings after school and also some lunch times.  “Jamie is showing real dedication, by attending as many of these sessions as possible” said Nick Cox, Head of Drama at Tuxford Academy.    

Billy Elliot is being performed at the academy on the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th July with two performances taking place on the Saturday.  Tickets are available at Main Reception.