The school catering service provides over 30,000 school meals every day. A great deal goes into our dinners to make sure they taste good, they’re healthy and most of all that they meet the requirements of our most demanding customers – our students!

All our menus meet the Government’s national nutritional requirements and provide children with healthy, freshly cooked meals. Vegetarian options are available and menus can even be tailored to meet medical dietary requirements. 

To view Nottinghamshire County Council's main menu please click here 

To view a selection of menus and meal prices available at Tuxford Academy please click here

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For the year 7 to year 11 students, there are several areas in which the students can eat: the main cafeteria, the Sherwood Gardens and the Clumber Cafe.

Paying for meals

Tuxford Academy uses sQuid, a cashless system that requires individual student's fingerprint to access their account. 

Parents/carers can add money to the student's account and check the account's balance periodically. Any queries about an individual's sQuid account, should be addressed to the Catering Manager who is based in the main academy kitchen.  

To find out more about sQuid, please click here.

To register or sign in to your sQuid account please click here.

Students eligible for free school meals will have money added each day. To find out about eligibility for free school meals, please click here.

The cost for a meal of the day is £2.25.  

The meal of the day includes a dinner, a pudding and a bottle of water.  This price also applies to those students who are in receipt of a free school meal. 

Cheques for school meals must be made payable to Nottinghamshire County Council. 

Any cheques received with Tuxford School or Tuxford Academy as the payee  will be returned. 

Clumber Cafe

Clumber Café provides an assortment of hot and cold foods. The café brings a new range of exciting foods to our students in a pleasant, relaxed eating environment.

Post 16 refectory

Post 16 students have their own kitchen and dining facilities upstairs. They can either use sQuid, or pay for their food in cash. Again, any students eligible for free school meals will have money automatically added to their sQuid account each day.

Student food forum

Tuxford Academy has a student food forum to allow our students to have their say on the meals we provide in the academy. To find out more about this, please visit the Student Food Forum web page.


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