Contacting bus companies

If you need to contact the bus companies bringing your child to Tuxford, please note that you should do so directly rather than via the academy. 

Perhaps your son or daughter has left something on a bus, or you wish to know whether a service is running during adverse weather conditions, there are problems with the bus service (i.e. not turning up, late arriving, cancellation of the service); either telephone the bus company or Nottinghamshire County Council. Please find the contact details below:

Gem Travel

01777 248503


01909 720337 

Marshalls of Sutton on Trent

01636 821138


01909 730345 

Redfern Travel 

01623 627653


01522 522255

Travel Wright 

01636 703813

Notts. County Council Customer Services

0300 500 80 80

The academy is not involved in planning or operating transport. This is a County Council service and operators are regulated by the County Council. Our advice is that, if you have any enquiries regarding the school buses, either telephone the relevant bus company or Nottinghamshire County Council school transport department.

To find out more about school transport from Nottinghamshire County Council , please click here or telephone 0300 500 80 80. Alternatively, you can write to:

Nottinghamshire County Council, Communities Department, Trent Bridge House, Fox Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6BJ

Service No 






Old & New Ollerton, Kirton, Laxton, Egmanton 


Redfern Travel 

Old Ollerton, New Ollerton, Kirton 



Retford, Eaton, Gamston, Markham Moor, E Markham



Newark, S & N Muskham, Carlton, Sutton, Weston 



Retford, Ordsall, Elkesley, Markham Moor, Milton, W Markham



Cromwell, Carlton-on-Trent, Sutton, Grassthorpe, Marnham, Normanton on Trent 



Newark, Collingham, Besthorpe 



Fernwood, Coddington, Winthorpe, Girton, S Clifton 



N Clifton, Newton, Dunham, Darlton 



N & S Leverton, Treswell, Cottam, Rampton, Stokeham, E Drayton 



Rampton, Woodbeck, Headon, Upton, Askham, E Markham 

 732 **




Bothamsall, Walesby, Elkesley, Gamston, West Drayton, Markham Moor, Sibthorpe 

** duplicate 732 operates from Elkesley



Knessall, Norwell Woodhouse, Norwell, Ossington, Moorhouse 



Saxilby, Broadholme, Harby, Wigsley, Thorney, Darlton 



Church Laneham, Laneham, Dunham, Ragnall, Fledborough, H & L Marnham, Normanton on Trent 



Little Carlton, Bathley, N Muskham, Carlton on Trent, Weston, Egmanton 

Rules for students using academy buses

Transportation provided by bus companies is a privilege. Inappropriate conduct at bus stops, on the bus, or in the process of boarding or exiting from an academy or service bus may result in student disciplinary action including, but not limited to, suspension of transportation privileges. Listed below are some general rules that all passengers must follow: 

  • Obey the driver’s instructions and don’t distract the driver through unacceptable behaviour
  • Report the use of vulgar, abusive or threatening language
  • Report students that throw anything inside the vehicle or from the vehicle
  • Report students smoking or using e-cigarettes
  • Ask students politely to remove any rubbish and dispose of in a bin
  • Identify students who display unacceptable conduct at designated bus stops
  • Look out for and report any unacceptable behaviour on the bus to Mr Nichol

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